Giant hard drive A historical flashback

With us going all smaller and smaller with technologies lets take a look back at the giants that started it !


also as a bonus some things you could potentially do if you find one in the house you moved into (like I did )

  1. Use it to store games.
  2. Use it to store media.
  3. Install a different operating system on it.
  4. Scrap the electronics and precious metals inside, then sell them for beer money.
  5. Make periodic (and full) backups of your data onto it.
  6. Turn it into a set of speakers.
  7. Create a search engine using them as servers. Become one of the biggest companies in the world. Congrats: You’re now Google.
  8. Make a Cotton Candy Spinner out of it.
  9. Use it as a microcontroller input device.
  10. Keep the spare parts in your box of random junk, where they’ll vanish the exact moment you need them.

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