Magic practitioners and witches are commonly consulted in that country for spells to deal with money and inheritance issues.  Many witches cast spells or curses over adulterers and other cheaters.  Arcane supernatural cures are sought out for infertility and common health problems.

Many people attach great importance to things or events of their existence they were made or which have often heard people talking that might bring unhappiness or bad luck.

History is full of examples and strange happenings. Here are some reasons to reflect on some things that you abstain:

When the 13th day of the month is a Friday
Putting on new clothes on a Friday
Thirteen people around a table
Place the bread on the table upside down
Pour salt on the table
Meeting with a creature at night including people cats and dogs and ghosts
Pass under a standing ladder
Giving Chrysanthemums or carnations
Placing a hat on a bed or wearing it indoors
Opening an umbrella indoors
A break a mirror = 7 years of bad luck
 A quote from practitioner Silver Ravenwolf. “The major misconception about Witchcraft today is that Witches worship Satan, which is just not so. We do not believe in Satan. That is a Christian creation. We don’t worship evil. Indeed, to give evil a name is not a real intelligent thing to do, because then you give it power.”

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