Black cats have been the subject of much debate, fear and superstition for centuries

Why, of all times, the black cat has fascinated and worried men?
The cat was worshiped by the Egyptians. Their eyes reflecting light at night symbolize the power of Ra, the Sun god.
Already, Egyptians, although the cat was worshiped, the black cat was considered to be a black Ethiopian representing the devil.
When Christianity was imposed as the state religion in the Roman Empire, but the cat did not have a divine nature, but remained in the popular mind fantasies and became a creature satanic cat, especially if it was black.

During centuries XII and XIII, the black cat suffered the attacks of demons and witches phobia. The mere fact of holding a black cat may bring you in a position to be accused of witchcraft.
Evil beliefs highly focused on black cats, especially !!

Black Cat, servant or incarnation of evil

In the Middle Ages, a legend reported by Césaire Heisterbach reported death of a rich man in his palace. In public there was a bad priest, assisted by a deacon who, unlike priest, was a good man.
As he was not blinded by his evil inclinations, the deacon could see a scene invisible to others. Indeed, he saw that black cats have surrounded the dying bed, he cried out: “Have mercy on a poor man; Along this cat! ”
Suddenly, a black Ethiopian neck stuck a hook in the dying who then gave soul. Here, the devil is incarnate etiopiano- ancient Egyptian belief that black cats are his henchmen. Such was the death of a man in the Middle Ages condemned to hell.
Saint Louis of Anjou, during his captivity in Barcelona, ​​was attacked at a time of a large black cat, representing the Devil.

The black ceremonies of the Middle Ages, the Devil embodies the black cat that is adored by a gathering of disciples around him and kissed her genitals.

Devil accompanying death
According to a legend, Gaufridi, inquisitor of Carcassonne, was found dead in his bed surrounded by two black cats.

Césaire Heisterbach recounts that in a monastery, a dove perched on the shoulders of a monk dying, attacked by a black cat. Black Cat is here equated with the Devil, which hides the soul from death. The opposition of evil and innocent dove.

Black cat causing death
Another legend Belgian XII century, alludes to a girl who agreed flirting offering an ornament by the devil and had the appearance of a black cat to go to a wedding. The devil, who passed around the neck of the woman, strangled her.
The girl’s funeral, the coffin was so hard that even six people could not lift it. Then, people open the casket with anxiety. It contained more than a black cat, who immediately fled.

A fisherman who promised to provide God and the fish could not, fished in his nets black kitten that he went home to hunt mice. But the cat strangled his whole family !!

Black Cat sacrificed
The black cat was also a victim offered as a sacrifice to Satan.

In Scotland, the ritual of “taghairm” consists of giving the Devil, exclusively black cats, who were roasted alive. Attracted by the cries of the unfortunate feline, Satan appear as a cat and fulfilling the desires of the participants, in particular, gave them the power to become invisible …
From the XII century until the eighteenth century, traditional festivals held in Metz, Melun and Paris, where black cats were burned alive in baskets thrown into huge fires. The devil must suffer!

Black Cat and Witches
If the Devil often takes the appearance of a black cat, witches are also associated with the black cat. Witches surrounding him!
A legend claiming that they had a third mamma to breast-feed their pet cat. And they are sharing with their cats powers it granted the Devil. Some of the cats were left to suck blood.

The witches would gather certain data corresponding to specific phases of the Moon.
The ceremonies were led by demon incarnate in a large black cat.

In the twelfth century, some beliefs held that witches turned into cats at night, like in windows or chimneys of houses removing frightening cries and aggressive children.

According to a document from 1584 entitled “Beware of Cat”, a witch could turn into a cat nine times. They say cats have nine lives.
A legend states that at Vernon, witches turned into black cats, gathered in an old castle. One night, four young men entered the castle, and at midnight, they were attacked by a dozen cats. They fought with them and had many injuries. The next day, in the neighborhood, many women wore on their bodies signs of injuries from cats.

However, the image of a black cat has not always been negative.

Black Cat rehabilitated
Although it was feared throughout the Middle Ages, the cat was considered also a useful animal. Not only does it catches mice, but other virtues are recognized and sometimes supernatural.

Black cat power over the elements
In the Middle Ages, although the black cat was feared, it was not always necessarily harmful. For example, cats sailors who used their ships to fight against rats and mice, had great respect for them. If an angry man overboard afford to throw a black cat with great anxiety he believed that this anger could trigger negative elements.
Sailors also believed that placed on deck in case of calm seas, they could contribute to stirring up winds.

Exorcist and therapeutic virtues of the black cat
In the popular mind of the Middle Ages, the cat had a rather harmless: a cat wearing fur made you lose weight, eat a cat poisoning brain and make you crazy. The cat was often used in medicine: according kiramidilor manuscripts in the twelfth century, mixed with salt testicles black kitten frightened of demons and a black cat heart attached to his left arm numb any pain.

The black cat as a pet
If really cruel practices against black cats perpetuated by the middle of the eighteenth century saw a change in mentality to general began to show more sensitivity to these cute animals pet.
Madame de La Sabliere, French fabulist La Fontaine’s friend, decided to get rid of her passion for dogs and cats replacing black and was eventually conquered by these animals.

Moreover, although in the West it was believed that the devil incarnate black cat, this has not happened to Muslims for the cat was a respectable animal guarding the house, whether it was black or have other colors.
The Prophet Mohammed was a friend of the cat and was apparently a cat sleeping on his cloak. Prefer to cut than to disturb a cat.
In the Maghreb, black dog who is unlucky! Dogs remain outside the house, while the same black cat is a privileged guest.

Black Cat luck
The cat can be considered as carriers of luck: a legend in Lower Brittany (France) said that any black cat always has white hair, which serves as a talisman of who gets to shed a tear.

In the Vosges, it is believed that the left paw of a black cat hidden in the quiver of a hunter, hunting obstructs the view!

Most superstitious believe that if a black cat crosses their path, they could bring luck!