attracting abundance

General herbs to bring you good welfare to yourself and into your life

Buy cotton to cause rain.
Carry a potato in your pocket or purse all winter to ward against colds.
Carrying a packet of strawberry leaves will help ease the pains of pregnancy
Chew celery seeds to help you concentrate.
Eat a peach to assist in making a tough decision.
Eat five almonds before consuming alcohol to lighten the effects of intoxication.
Place almonds in your pocket when you need to find something.
Smell dill to get rid of hiccups.
Throw rice into the air to make rain.
Toss oats out your back door to ensure that your garden or crop will be bountiful.
Allspice – Healing, Luck, Prosperity, Winning a discussion
Almond – Prosperity, Abundance, Treasure, Wisdom Anise- Protection and Cleansing, and for Ancestral meals
Basil – Sort of all purpose drawing Love, Money, Protection and even Exorcisms
Bay Leaf – Increase Psychic Abilities, Healing, Protection, Increase Power
Chamomile – To bring Peace, to open one to Possibilities, Sleep, Love, Money
Cinnamon – Almost all-purpose used for Healing, Success, Psychic work, Protection, Love and Lust
Cumin – To Keep what is yours- whether a person or an object, Peace of mind
Sage – Purification, Healing, Wishes, Contact with long lost friends, Wisdom
Thyme – Health, Mental Powers, Courage, Love, Purification
Lovage – to increase your Attractiveness
Lemon- Cleansing, Love and Healing
Ginger – Abundance of what you wish for in all matters
Marjoram – All-purpose- Love, Money, Happiness, Protection, Healing
Nutmeg – To induce Lust, also for Money and Luck
Peppermint – Increasing the abilities of the mind, Healing, Love, Sleep
by Ana Hawthorn Spice Rack Magick

Disclaimer: In no way does this constituent medical advice, use at own risk. also if you want to be a moron and eat toxic things well then you’ll have to suffer the consequences how ever unpleasant they might and most likely will be.