The Western Mysteries

Herbs and their uses

By becoming a student under the tutelage of the Mysteries you are essentially seeking pure truth and real wisdom. Wisdom and truth do not come with age, they come from learning, from being prepared, and from experience. The rituals of Old, after being forced underground were often bastardized through several centuries of the unknowing trampling in. Rituals were forgotten, performed by the book instead of by understanding why, or were relegated to a seasonal reason for being instead of an intrinsic need. Many rituals were reassigned to significant seasons or events such as festivals for boosting the morale of the peoples.

Below is a list of some Gods and goddesses:

Celtic Gods & Goddesses
Branwyn – Goddess of love, sexuality and the sea
Bridget – Goddess of fertility, feminine creativity, martial arts and healing
Cernunnos – The ‘Horned God’, God of Nature, Animals, Fertility and the Underworld
Cerridwen – Moon Goddess, Goddess of Dark Prophecy and the Underworld
Coventina – Goddess of Rivers, Abundance, Inspiration and Prophecy
The Crone – One of the Triple Goddess Aspects, Goddess of Old Age, Winter and the Waning Moon
Eostre – Goddess of Spring, Rebirth, Fertility and New Beginnings
Epona – Horse Goddess, Goddess of Prosperity, Healing, Nurturance and Sustainence
Latis – Goddess of Water and Beer
Lugh – Sun God, God of War, Mastery, Magic and Good Harvest
Morrigan – Goddess of War, Revenge, Night, Magic and Prophecy. Queen of Fairies and Witches
The Triple Goddess – The Maiden, Mother and Crone all at once. Moon, Creator, Destroyer
British, Scottish, Irish, Welsh Gods & Goddesses
Amaethon (Welsh) – God of Agriculture, Master of Magic
Arawn (Welsh) – God of the Hunt and the Underworld
Arianrhod (Welsh) – Star and Sky Goddess, Goddess of Beauty, Full Moon and Magical Spells
Badb (Irish) – Goddess of War, Death and Rebirth
Caillech (Scottish, Irish, Welsh) – Goddess of Weather, Earth, Sky, Seasons, Moon and Sun
Cliodna (Irish, Scottish) – Goddess of Beauty and of Other Realms
Creide (Irish, Scottish) – Goddess of Women and Fairies
The Green Man (Welsh) – God of the Woodlands, of Life Energy and Fertility
Morgan LeFay (Welsh) – Goddess of Death, Fate, the Sea and of Curses
Oghma (Scottish, Irish) – God of Communication and Writing, and of Poets
Rhiannon (Welsh) – Goddess of Birds, Horses, Enchantments, Fertility and the Underworld
Skatha (Welsh) – Goddess of the Underworld, Darkness, Magic, Prophecy and Martial Arts