Home superstitions

  • All locks in a house are unlocked at birthing to ensure an easy delivery.
  • Scatter Solomon’s seal on the floor to banish serpents and venomous creatures from the room.
  • To protect your house from lightning, gather hazel tree branches on Palm Sunday and keep them in water.
  • Add caraway seeds to chicken feed to keep poultry from wandering.
  • Feed the seeds to homing pigeons to help them find their way back.
  • Stuff fennel in your keyhole or hang it over your door to protect against witches.
  • Never carry a hoe into the house. If you do so by mistake, carry it out again, walking backward to avoid bad luck. Never walk under a ladder, which is Satan’s territory. If you must do it, cross your fingers or make the sign of the fig (closed fist, with thumb between index and middle fingers).
  • If you give a steel blade to a friend, make the recipient pay you a penny to avoid cutting the friendship.
  • Never give a knife as a housewarming present, or your new neighbor will become an enemy.
  • Never pound a nail after sundown, or you will wake the tree gods.
  • Nail an evergreen branch to new rafters to bring good luck.
  • An empty hornets’ nest, hung high, also will bring good luck to any age house.
  • When you move to a new house, always enter first with a loaf of bread and a new broom.
  • Never bring an old broom into the house.