More Halloween movies to watch – part 02

Alien Trespass (2009) PG

The year is 1957. Somewhere across the California desert a meteor streams across the sky. Except that it’s not a meteor but an alien spaceship that ends up crashing on a butte. Emerging from the spacecraft is tall, metallic alien Urp, who quickly discovers that the monstrous, one-eyed Ghota has escaped. In order to stop Ghota and save the world, Urp takes over the body of a local astronomer (Eric McCormack) and enlists the help of a waitress (Jenni Baird).

….not sure what this has to do with Halloween but okay….

Shadow Zone: My Teacher Ate My Homework (1997) PG

Taking inspiration from the popular “Shadow Zone” series of children’s horror fiction books, this movie tells the tale of a 13-year-old student who discovers the wonders and terror of voodoo. Jesse (Garfield Reeves-Stevens) hates his teacher, Mrs. Fink (Shelley Duvall). After discovering a doll resembling her at a vintage clothing shop, he accidentally pierces it with a sewing needle, only to notice later that her arm appears in a sling the next day. Eventually spooked by the power of the doll, he resolves to clean up his act, in the process improving his relationship with a teacher he used to despise.