Sleepy Hollow Ghost Tours leads the way through Gettysburg’s Most Haunted

As Sleepy Hollow Ghost Tours will tell you; “ours is the 2nd oldest tour in Gettysburg. Our storytellers have over 50 years of combined storytelling experience. You will walk with us into the realm of the unknown, escorted by a period dressed guide, back in time down the very streets soldiers walked over a century ago.”

“As our stories are not bound to scripted material, our walks are fresh and entertaining. You will hear many “first hand” experiences some visitors have had while out on our ghost walks. Our tales and legends are blended with bits of human interest and historical fact making them entertaining and educational for all ages.”

The group truly does a wonderful job dressing in period clothing of the time, pure in heart and spirit, they are a delight to listen to as you walk through the dark, misty streets. Most definitely a tour you would not want to miss out on when you are in the Gettysburg area, or looking for a great tour this Halloween, you can contact them through their website at Sleepy Hollow Ghost Tours , or Contact Us:
Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg Candlelight Ghost Tours
Phone: 717-337-9322
Fax: 717-337-9327

Tis the time of the year, light a candle, hold it close, don’t stray afar, you might not want to find out why!