The Spoken Cabala and High School Astrology

I had been studying Lessons written by a highly esteemed occultist, Paul Foster Case, through an organization he had founded, the Builders of the Adytum Mystery School of Sacred Tarot and Holy Qabalah. Wanting to meet others who were on the Path of Return, I sought out a class at Fritzy Armstrong’s Metaphysical Townhall Bookstore in downtown San Francisco. The teacher was Jason Christopher Lotterhand, a genial gentleman of almost 62 years. The High Priestess,  Key 2, was on the easel. To this day I  continue to feel, with grateful amazement, the positive impact of this meeting.

What a wonderful human being! God/dess bless him! Jason was always encouraging me to expand upon the original version of High School Astrology.  I improved it over 30 years, to its present state.

The Spoken Cabala: Tarot Explorations of the One Self, 357 pages. $29
High School Astrology: A Textbook of Ageless Wisdom, 208 pages, $25
Both books are available on Or order them from your local bookseller.

P.S. The Spoken Cabala is exactly the same book as The Thursday Night Tarot, with the addition of some photos, an interview Jason did for The Tarot Network News, and new editor’s notes.  High School Astrology is an excellent introduction to metaphysics by a seasoned professional occultist, while The Thursday Night Tarot is profound philosophy, presented in a most enjoyable manner by a master of Cabala.

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