New York: Liz Christy Community Garden

The Liz Christy Garden is a community garden located at the intersection of the Bowery and Houston Street in Manhattanon New York City Parks Department land

this gorgeous garden – on the corner of two major streets in the city – was almost totally free of people. The city sounds around me were at a maximum, and somehow, inside that gate, I felt it was just me… just me and nature.

The Liz Christy Garden has a pond which is 2.5 feet deep. The fish and red-eared slider turtle communities live there year round. The garden also has a a wildflower habitat, beautiful wooden furniture, a grape arbor, a grove of weeping birch trees, fruit trees, a dawn redwood, vegetable gardens, berries, herbs and hundreds of varieties of flowering perennials. It is divided into individual areas, designed and tended by the garden members; general maintenance is shared. The beauties of this natural place can be enjoyed in every season, including winter during the weekly open hours. For additional information on the history of the garden or this website contact Donald Loggins. To volunteer at the garden contact one of the members in the garden during open hours


The way to become a member of LCBH is to Volunteer! Come to the garden during open hours and introduce yourself to the Gardener who is on duty. They will find you some work to do in the garden and enter your name and the number of hours you volunteered into a log book, kept in the shed. After you have spent 20 hours volunteering (and in the course of that time you will meet some of the other Gardeners), you will be eligible to receive a key to the garden. Afer 40 hours of volunteer work you will be considered a Gardener with voting rights ! One thing that really matters, is your desire to garden, and LCBH is a delightful place to learn and to develop your skills and love of gardening !