What is existential nihilism?

Nihilism is the bare bones purely logical truth of life.

The only real way to avoid the truth of Nihilism is to be either deluded or ignorant, ignorant such as in believing in god or simply never questioning the reality of existence. And delusion as in by making a statement such as “life has no meaning, therefore I can create my own” or saying “Life is about living your dreams”

Life is about fundamentally nothing, therefore your dreams and meaning are not “validated” because of this, it’s just that all dreams and thoughts are equally unimportant therefore no belief has any positive value over the other.

I don’t tend to view Nihilism as an ” I am or I’m not” question, think Nihilism is more like a spectrum/scale, and everyone is Nihilistic to a certain extent however small, but few people are true Nihilists.

Nietzsche discusses Christianity, one of the major topics in his work, at length in the context of the problem of nihilism in his notebooks, in a chapter entitled “European Nihilism”. Here he states that the Christian moral doctrine provides people with intrinsic value, belief in God (which justifies the evil in the world) and a basis for objective knowledge. In this sense, in constructing a world where objective knowledge is possible, Christianity is an antidote against a primal form of nihilism, against the despair of meaninglessness.

Related: “Nihilism,” by Eugene Rose. Gives a perspective on the causes of nihilism since ~1700, in ~100 pages; “The Answer You’re Looking for Is inside You,” and “Light Is a Living Spirit.”