What we Can Learn from Elephants

There are fewer than 30,000 Asian elephants alive today, making them an endangered species. Many of those elephants are held in captivity, often times mistreated by their owners and forced to walk on harmful concrete and asphalt streets in large cities for show. Even worse, humans have been encroaching on elephant habitats, destroying the resources that elephants call home and poaching elephants for their ivory tusks.

Lessons we learnt:

1. Eat mostly plants. Get your fiber, nutrients and calories from food that grows in the ground. For life and longevity, eat mostly plants.

2. Flap your ears. Elephants are not shy. When you get to know them and look into their eyes, you can see the emotion and love. When they are happy, they show you by flapping their ears. They don’t hide their joy, they proclaim it. Don’t hide your happiness: Express yourself!

3. Live in a community. Elephants can live to be over 90 years old, and it is rare to find one living alone. They live in clans with family and friends, many for their entire lives. They thrive when they are in community together with other elephants.

4. Show your love. Elephants are strong, know what they want, have very complex individual personalities and love to snuggle up. I’m pretty sure this exact description could fit heaps of people in my life. Practice giving affection and show your love.

What have you learned from animals in your life?


Would there be any need to live right, if this life was all there was?

Q: As per the Buddhist teachings  would there be any need to live right, if this life was all there was? So no reincarnation just a single life.

“Do what you KNOW to be right, say what you KNOW to be true, and leave with Faith and patience the consequences to God!” – F. W. Robertson

– There would be even MORE reason to live right. ….I wouldn’t want to spend it feeling plagued by guilt or locked in some prison. How many layers a person has the eyes to see through, before they know the difference between the right thing and the wrong is difficult to say, Some people kill flies. Is that right? If the death of one fly alters the universe slightly….and obviously it harms one.
the obvious answer would be not to kill flies, or anything else either? Is that living rightly? (non action)

For example, look at sports….during training, playing well is important but not critical. Because you’re just training, you will always get more chances to try again.

But….once you get to the Olympics it is critical to play well, because you have just one shot at winning thr gold.

The same is true for soldiers. If they make mistakes on the training field, it’s not a problem. But, on the battlefield, making mistakes is fatal.

This is just how value works. The less you have of something, the more valuable it is relative to other things. Suppose for example, that tomorrow everyone was given a billion dollars. Then, one dollar would be nearly worthless, because there would be so many dollars.

What is your thoughts?

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