Mars in retrograde

Mars requires 687 days to travel one cycle around the Sun and, depending on the time of year, this planet is stationary for up to five days. Its retrograde period happens every two years and it stays in this state for two to two-and-a-half months.

Mars will be retrograde in Sagittarius/Scorpio between 18 April and 29 June

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Mars makes us assertive, forthright and adventurous. It can also make us impulsive, rash, impatient and forceful. Success or frustration… they can both be products of your Mars Sign’s influence.

Mars is energy, action and desire; the animal instinct. Unlike the Sun, which is the embodiment of creative energy, Mars is raw energy. It’s divisive, scattering energy in an outward direction. It represents how a person goes after their goals, their drive and energy, their initiative, courage, and combativeness. It’s aggressive and aids our survival.

Martian impulses will necessarily produce at first unbalance, dissatisfaction, restlessness, and at last some outgoing type of activity. When a man desires to touch an object, because he is urged to include the feel of that object in his consciousness of the outer world, he has to move a muscle. The act of walking is the act of moving toward or away from an object, and this act consists in a series of falls and quick recoveries from falling. Mars causes the falls; Venus, the recoveries from falling. Every step a man takes in walking implies the operation of these two basic life powers.

Mars is thus the adversary of the status quo, of peace and rest — and of all limited and particular kinds of equilibrium.

How Mars functions in your birth chart says a lot about how you stand up and assert yourself, get noticed and get things done. Its energies can bring you power and confidence in the way you express yourself as an individual. It also affects your ambition and your sense of competition whether at work, play or in your personal relationships. Mars also rules your desire nature and sexuality; and the kind of person you’ll find sexually attractive.

Mars goes into retrograde for approximately 11 weeks every 25 months or so, and when this occurs in a chart, there can be problems. Instead of sending energy outwards to achieve their goals, Mars in retrograde must turn inwards to find their motivation.Mars Retrograde is generally not as disruptive as Mercury retrograde.

When Mars is retrograde, one’s normal energy and vitality are depleted. Therefore, if you initiate an activity at this time, you find that all the energy and momentum that began with your actions seem to stop or even reverse. You’ll have doubts or regrets about any effort that you start – to the point where you’ll wish you could start all over again.



  • Aries or Scorpios : Less Energy
  • Bickering occurring
  • More accidents
  • Health issues
  • Delays of projects and plans
  •  whoever initiates loses
  • Violence & rage
  • Games of phone tag
  • Don’t Begin a Law Suit or Divorce
  • Don’t Buy Mechanical Things
  • Don’t Have a Surgery – Mars rules surgery and is associated with surgeons. If possible, avoid surgical procedures.

  • Re-asses yourself for you can see situations and things with the most objectivity
  • researching a new workout regimen
  • researching leads for a prospective  clients
  • Research be patient and make plans
  • Be assertive and diplomatic in your communication
  • make adjustments in your behaviour, actions and sexual conduct



Delphine Jay, in CROSSROADS IN DELINEATION, states that, when Mars retrogrades through a House, something there needs a renewed effort, a renewal of activity, to be revitalized or, at least, strengthened through reinforcement. It is a time to direct your efforts toward reinforcing matters or a relationship in order to keep it vital or active. It is a time to lend strength to something or someone that you believe in.

Work activities supported when Mars is retrograde are those associated with trouble-shooting, re-evaluating previously commenced projects and shoring up the weak areas, making hard-nosed cuts with the ineffective B eliminating parts of the projects with little cost-benefit, personnel cut-backs and possibly re-hiring individuals who may know how to make the project succeed. Never start anything new! Work with what has been previously commenced and make necessary improvements. Mars Retrograde is similar to Mercury Retrograde in many respects but Mars is associated with action, projects and the energy required to make something succeed. Mars is back-door politics rather than direct confrontations.