Do we have FREE WILL?

Are we driven by our environment, biology, and non conscious influences?

I think that many peoples decisions are  driven by their environment, biology, and unconscious influences, but that everybody has the ability to use their “free will” to  make choices that benefits not only themselves but also the rest of humanity.

There are of course things as universal laws that seems to bind us into a space -time continuum but that does not mean that we are bound by the duality of it, We can go into space as an example but mere animals (like rats) cannot due to their biological structure and limited brain capacity.

Everyone has several moments throughout the day where they have to make a choice, and no matter how mundane that choice may seem, it could result in life changing events (though usually it doesn’t.) Or to think of events where it took several people making choices to do certain things at certain times to make them occur, and if one seemingly minor thing was different would (or could) be the undoing of everything.

What’s your thoughts?


One thought on “Do we have FREE WILL?

  1. I am in agreement. I think that there comes a point when we realize that all decisions are decisions of choice and that, since we are all part of the biology of the environment, meaning, we are all interconnected and share the reality and its atomic components (such as electrons, protons, air, space, and etc.) that when we act in harmony with the whole it benefits both ourselves AND each other.

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