What makes your brain work?

Thinking and pondering will only improve your insight; not, necessarily make your brain work properly. If your brain is working improperly, then you might have a chemical imbalance.

Answering questions nurtures your brain’s ability to form and analyse hypotheses for any given scenario,  Improving typing and spelling errors. as well as Researching things prior to answering. Review quickly what others have said and to say something else that has not yet been said.. If you don’t know when or how to stop you’ll end up doing it when there is not a question posed.

This means you’ll be analysing random things that happen to you, and after you’ve thought about them from every angle you will remember multiple versions of the same event. It makes it difficult to separate hypotheses from actual events.

This can happen with things that haven’t happened too. Like if you’re planning something you may tend to overthink how it should happen. It isn’t uncommon for analytical people to have entire conversations in their head with people they haven’t met.

What’s your thoughts?