Based on research from the MIT Media Lab, Koko uses an innovative form of crowdsourced cognitive therapy.

An Old Problem

When we’re stressed, we often become our own worst enemy. We tell ourselves that we can’t do it. That we aren’t good enough. That things will never get better.

Our thoughts influence how we feel. While we can always modify our thoughts,  wrestling with our own mind can sometimes feel like a losing battle. Koko is based on the simple idea that we can be stronger together. Together, we can tame our thoughts, build resilience, and learn to stay calm and collected in the face of any stress.

A New Technology

Some of the most powerful software applications and services from the past decade have been powered by collective intelligence. Google, Wikipedia, and Quora, to name just a few, work by intelligently coordinating the collective behaviors of thousands, if not millions, of people on the Internet.

Could this same approach help promote well-being? Could we crowdsource the treatment of stress and anxiety? What benefits might come from a ‘peer support’ model, where everyone learns by teaching others?

Koko hopes to answer these questions.

The Science

In a randomized controlled trial, a web-based version of Koko outperformed an existing intervention on a host of psychological outcome measures.  The results were analyzed by researchers at MIT, Northwestern, and Columbia, and the findings were published in a leading medical journal.

In my opinion This app is definitely a great stress reliever