Mark Freeland and Electroman

From the man that once produced Arosmith comes his own sound.

Located in the city of Buffalo.

One of Freeland song are a mix of romantic saxophones and the catch-in-the-throat explication of a rueful ballad called “The Cathy Song,” which contains what maybe his most sensitive ruminations on, of all things, his impending middle age. Where this seems like a Dylan-style confessional, he slips into something of a Mick Jagger kind of tenderness for a straightforward testimony of love later on in “The day You Came Into My Life.”

Those who prefer Freeland looney rather than lovelorn should find a fair amount of satisfaction with “Family Feud,” the first of three rap tunes on the seven song record and easily the most outrageous. Not merely a rowdy spoof of the TV game show, it veers off into R-rated monologue on the failure of family relations and family planning. It’s a long way from “Papa Don’t Preach.”

Equally witty, in a gruesome gastronomic vein, is Freeland’s rapping “Macaroni & Cheese” on side two, a romp through cut-rate cuisine. And bizarre in the same fashion is his rap takeoff on New York’s tourist theme for a tour of Manhattan’s New Wave scene in “I Dig New York.”

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