Presents You Can’t Gift Wrap

Untying a bow and ripping open the wrapping paper to reveal the surprise inside is undeniably exciting… for about a minute. But it’s the type of gifts that simply cannot be wrapped that end up sticking with you longer. Giving your super stressed friend an appointment for a massage or upgrading a flight for the globetrotter nearest and dearest to you is not only better way to give, but it will mean so much more than any bauble or trinket ever could. From subscriptions to goat donations (!), these gifts ideas will make you the most thoughtful giver of the bunch.

Goat and 2 Chickens from World Vision ($100): We guarantee this charitable gift will not only totally surprise the recipient, but will make you both feel all warm and fuzzy inside by providing a supply of eggs, milk and meat to feed families in need.

Drawing from Chic Sketch ($10): Your fashion girl bff will flip when she receives her own personalized fashion illustration. Grab a photo from her blog, submit it to Chic Sketch and it’ll be turned into a drawing by one of their fashion illustrators.

Custom Star Kit from the International Star Registry ($54): Guys, who remembers the movie A Walk to Remember? If you do, then this gift will be extra special (and tear-inducing). Who doesn’t want to have a star named after them?!