Xmas/Yule Game Ideas

1 Play Christmas Movie Trivia

Get in the holiday spirit by having a Christmas movie marathon, then play a round of Christmas movie trivia to see who is the most festive of them all.


(Photo via Warner Bros.)

December Dice Game

 White Elephant is a traditional gifting game that we all know and love. This year, switch things up a bit and play this dice game. It’s a fun take on the gift exchange. (via Play. Party. Pin.)

3 Have a Cookie Decorating Party

Bake a batch of sugar cookies (or buy them) and set up a cookie bar with all the fixings to make the sweetest holiday treats around. The best part about this party is you get to eat it all when you’re finished.

4 Play Spoons With Candy Canes

Pick up a pack of candy canes and playing cards to spend QT with the family. Spoons is a classic card game that’s usually played using just cards and (you guessed it) spoons, but you can swap it out for candy canes for a festive spin.

5 Lucky Last Line Gift Exchange

In this gift exchange game, a poem tells players to pass the gift left and right. You end up passing the gifts all around the room, and whichever present you have in your hands at the end of poem is the one you get to open. (via Play. Party. Pin.)

What are your favorite Christmas activities? Let us know..