The Lover’s Card


The Lover’s Card in the Tarot

As stated by the just the name, you might think that the lovers card [No.6 Major Arcana] in a Tarot deck would mean definite romance, love and marriage, perhaps but in fact the lovers card has a lot to do with relationships, sexuality, personal beliefs and values.

For most people, when they seek the advice of a psychic or one fortune teller, they want the card of lovers to appear.

Why does this happen?

The card of the lovers deals with the formation of the bonds, the feeling loved, the creation of a loving union, that recognizes a bond relationship, the sympathy that of another person, closer and closer, a connection is established, and to be intimate. The lover’s card means a world where there are no limits to intimacy, romance blossoms, and sex is passionate, but soft. At the same time, the lover’s card represents lifelong associations, companionship, and trusting another person who is in love.

Does the lover’s always appear when you are reading the Tarot cards? Are you confused by the mix of apparent meanings?

Love is a universal necessity; it is not surprising that most people feel the need for acknowledgement that they are in fact loved and not alone.

Some more details about the card:

1) The lover’s card is part of the Major Arcana in the standard Tarot Deck. Love is one of the many stages of life, and that means that it is a very important card in a reading.

2) The card represents lovers that a person is looking for a union, experiencing desire, making love, opening to love responding with passion, feeling a physical attraction, or taking advantage of the energy within them.

3) When this card is rotated, mainly, the person who is having their Tarot cards read is in a committed relationship or is seeking the attention of the opposite sex.

4) Because of the individual’s personal beliefs, they wonder who they are, trying to find what their situation is, being true to themselves, walking their way in life, respecting their own principles, or working out their own mind.

5) Its immense majority, however, the lover’s card does not represent being a loner. When dealing with the values of the person, they can be deciding what their values are at that moment, struggling with temptation, choosing between good and bad, refusing to let the end justify the means, or discovering what is truly important to them.

6) The card represents being in tune with others and an improvement in the relationships you have, especially those who are romantic in nature. This card has a clear message that we must all develop a deep connection with the others who share our lives.

When the Lovers card is inverted (reversed)
This card is a warning not to make hasty decisions, as you may regret it in the future. You have to be careful with the decisions you make and make sure they feel like the right choices in your gut. Lovers inverted also symbolizes a bad time and frustration in relationships

3) Cards that can reinforce card lovers
There are some cards in the tarot deck that mean things similar to the lovers card including cards such as:
a) The Empress
This card represents sexual satisfaction and pleasure to feel in your relationship, in addition to being very sexually active.
b) Two of Cups
This card symbolizes union, marriage, or some kind of connection. It is also presented as the happiness of the person in that relationship.
c) Nine of Cups
This card represents direct sexual pleasure. The person is promiscuous and has no scruples about his body.
d) Ten of Cups
This card represents solid permanent unions and family ties.
e) Ten of Pentacles
This card represents a person who has been in a long marriage and has full adult children, who are still close.

4) Can Tarot Card lovers help your relationship?
Many people want to know if the lover’s card will be the remedy to their relationship problems. Clear honest communication between partners is essential to help relationships. There is no “fast” “instant” cure for relationship problems, as internal change starts with you.