Why not to use us

Nine Reasons You Might NOT Want to have a reading done with Moontarot

That’s right! We’ve thought long and hard about it and have come up with nine very excellent reasons you shouldn’t use the Moontarot reading service.

It took many cups of coffee as well as counting dozens of sheep before we could come up with the best nine we could.

We believe in taking care of our clients and we realized that we might not be able to serve everyone at our 100% best. Well, we can’t have that!?  Take a look at these nine reasons you shouldn’t hire us as your professional tarot readers.



#1. You somehow find happy, cheerful readers offensive and would prefer sulky, depressive readers.

#2. You would rather deal with someone from space instead of true professionals located in the dark continent!

#3. You enjoy torturing yourself by waiting days on end for a response to your phone call or email and we are too prompt in our replies.

#4. You are looking for information with re to painting walls but we have no experience in that

ohyes01#5. You prefer to pay an arm and a leg for free healing

#6. You don’t like the idea that we are quite accurate and prefer vague and generalized information.

#7. You feel we know far too much about you off hand and would prefer someone who knows a lot less.

#8. You enjoy the game of trying to figure out when your reader is lying to you and we are far too honest for your liking.

#9. You would prefer to be treated as an anonymous number. There is no waiting in line for our services.
So there you have it!
Nine very good reasons not to use us.
What? You mean that none of these apply to you and you want to talk to us about having a reading done?
Just click on the button below to schedule a time to chat with one of our readers and let’s get started!



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